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AlSahl Group Holding (SGH) is one of Libya’s largest business conglomerates and a pioneer in many of its business sectors. The Group traces its roots back to the late 1950s when it was founded by Mr. AL Mahdi Gadad as the first locally owned olive and grains production company in the newly emerging and vitally important agribusiness sector of post-WWII Libya that was in the midst of rebirth and reconstruction.

“Our Group is active across a wide and growing cross-section of industries vital to Libya and regional development including investing, producing, importing, marketing, and distributing products and services in the agribusiness, industrial, healthcare, consumer and business services sectors, as well as in the real estate investment and construction sectors” said the Chairman Dr. Abdulmagid Gadad.  “We cater B2B, B2G, and B2C consumers in Libya, as well as in the rest of Africa and the Middle East” he added.

AlSahl Group Industrial Infrastructure

Chaired by Dr. Abdulmagid Gadad, and owned by the founder’s sons, a distinguished family of intellectuals and business pioneers in Libya and the region, the Group is additionally directed and managed by a multinational team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in SGH’s business sectors. “AlSahl Group is one of Libya’s largest employers with a workforce currently numbering over 3000 and this number is set to growth in line with the Group’s local and regional strategic business expansion” highlighted the Chairman.

Anchored by its massive investments spread across 24 companies in Libya, as well as by its development of some of the most advance, state-of-the-art industrial complexes in the country that includes 36 factories and supported by a vast network of leading international suppliers originating from Europe, Asia, and North America, AlSahl Group has also evolved into the country’s largest grain importer/distributor. “SGH is today a dominant force in ensuring Libya’s food security, thanks to its equally dominant role as one of the country’s leading producers/distributors in the fast-growing animal feed and feed additives sector, in poultry product, and in the production, importation, and distribution of many of Libya’s in-demand, premium Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs) to satisfy the needs of its rapidly growing middle class” explained Dr. Gadad and continued by adding that AlSahl Group is additionally a key competitive force in the supply of a wide variety of medicines, medical equipment, and infant nutrition to Libya’s extensive healthcare infrastructure and is also a leading supplier of premium personal-care products catering to the varied needs of the entire family.

The Group’s constantly expanding consumer and business services activities currently include the supply of leading automotive, home appliance and consumer electronics brands to B2C consumers, and the supply of both classic and alternative electric energy generation infrastructure and building equipment to businesses in the construction sector. AlSahl’s offer additionally includes products and services targeting the needs of businesses active in Libya’s marine sector and in the country’s vast oil and gas sector, with several its supply partners, such as Baker Hughes and Benchamark, originating from the US.

Rounding out AlSahl Group’s business activities, are its increasing investments and developments in the real estate sector so vital to Libya’s reconstruction and its growing role as one of the country’s leading construction and industrial materials producers.

Building on its rich history of forming long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships with leading international companies active in its varied business sector activities, AlSahl Group is actively exploring strategic partnerships with US and other international companies. “We are looking for partners capable of contributing to the fulfillment of the Group’s SGH Vision Transformation, which is aimed at evolving Libya into a 21st Century economy in the coming 5-years, while positioning the country as a gateway to the fast-growing consumer and industrial opportunities present in Africa and the Middle East” the Chairman concluded.