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At the University of Patras (UoP), cutting-edge research meets a mission of excellence in teaching. Its departments are equally committed to championing new ways of thinking and developing solutions to complex global problems across the disciplines. Established in 1964, it has gradually built its own scholastic history, now serving all major branches of knowledge in medicine and health sciences, engineering, natural sciences, agriculture, humanities and business. Education is channeled through fully accredited under- and post-graduate programs, complemented by lifelong learning and training initiatives. “The university’s unswerving allegiance to internationalization is the determinant factor of its contemporary image” said Vice-Rector of Academic & International Affairs Prof. Dionissios Mantzavinos. “The 700 inter-institutional mobility agreements for study and teaching within and outside the European Union form part of the university’s vigorous internationalization policy and support a large, vibrant, cosmopolitan community.”

UoP casts Israel as more of a friendly and intimate academic space than a “market”. The decision to offer its first undergraduate courses entirely in English eliminates the considerable language barrier and commences the interested Israeli youth to a stimulating and thought-provoking academic world. Several graduate opportunities also are open to Israeli degree holders. “For UoP, this is very important, especially in view of the high standards of Israeli universities. The UoP has a long-standing and fruitful collaboration in engineering, science and medicine with Israeli research centers and institutions. Agricultural technology is a promising field of further cooperation and partnership for research and development of sustainable production and resource conservation applications” explained Prof. Mantzavinos.

“Israeli universities, research institutions and companies will find in the UoP a credible and influential partner with extensive networks bonding the EU and bridging the Mediterranean. Prospective students will discover a friendly and familiar environment where learning flourishes. The university is open to new research and business ventures and welcomes challenges to solve our shared health, environment and resource problems and advance knowledge and arts” said Prof. Mantzavinos.

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