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Dedicated to mastering the craft of welcoming luxury in the hospitality industry, Grecotel Hotels and Resorts, the leading hotel chain in Greece, delivers sophisticated lifestyle experiences for travelers in the country’s most beautiful destinations. Inspired by its superb beachfront location, each of the 40 luxury hotels and resorts in the Grecotel collection that are spread all over Greece, is a unique architectural experience in itself and a paradise of opulent amenities, gourmet restaurants and luxurious, well-thought-of details, all embodying the essence of the genuine Greek hospitality. “Having been awarded with thousands of international awards by guests and the most prestigious international tourism organizations, we are most proud of our people: reliable, kind and welcoming, they have been our pillars & loyal companions during our 45-year journey in Greece’s most exciting luxury travel story” said the CEO Ms. Mari Daskalantonakis.

Grecotel Amirandes, Crete  

Grecotel Hotels and Resorts makes the guests feel at home while offering countless opportunities for high-quality holidays at reasonable prices. “We take the meaning of “value for money” very personally. Even the most demanding guest can choose perfectly affordable packages for dreamy holidays, for themselves and the entire family” she explained. During the two difficult years of the pandemic, the company dynamically stepped forward and kept alive the smile on the face of Greek tourism. They worked in close cooperation with the health authorities and strictly applied all the protocols with absolute success and impressive results so that the guests could feel absolutely safe during their holidays.

Very importantly, Grecotel takes into consideration the economic, social, and environmental impact and is committed to reducing the latter as much as possible. “We are pioneers with our approach towards environmental issues, by actively contributing to the protection of Greek ecosystems, promoting a sustainable development model, with a range of exciting eco-activities, organized both within and outside of the Group’s hotels” highlighted the CEO.

Daskalantonakis believes that Israel and Greece have many things in common that unite them and this had a positive impact in the tourism sector as well. “Over the last years, Greece has invested a lot in this cooperation, offering to Israelis an ideal destination in which they can enjoy genuine Greek hospitality and at the same time visit places with incredible natural beauty, rich in history and tradition, monuments, and pilgrimages. In our hotels, we are contributing to this bilateral relationship, by giving the Israelis a unique traveling experience and providing them with the most comfortable accommodation for absolute relaxation. I truly believe that this will continue in 2022 and beyond” she added.

“At Grecotel our dedicated efforts will aim to the best possible result and we are very much looking forward to accommodating Israeli guests in our resorts and providing them with the most memorable experience. Grecotel family is renowned for its hospitality with the professionalism and the warmest smile that makes any visitor feel confident for choosing us” Daskalantonakis concluded.

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