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Major advances in biotechnology and digital biology that we have witnessed during the past decade have enabled the formation of business solutions, using advanced science for real-life issues. Such was the motivation behind DNASequence’s birth a few years ago. With a strong academic core and clear business orientation, the company offers state-of-the-art solutions in microbiome analysis and agrigenomics. “DNASequence is the only company in Europe and possibly even worldwide that is currently offering tailored, end-to-end solutions from on-site sampling to laboratory analysis and to advanced bioinformatics analysis and reporting,” said Anastasia Chasapi, the Vice President of Research. The sectors of application where the company is currently active range from biosafety monitoring to cultural heritage biodeterioration control, soil fertility assessment to water quality applications, and construction material safety to food authentication and safety. “DNASequence’s unique service profile goes beyond complementing the current market needs; it actually redefines them” she highlighted.

Having proved its indispensable place in the Greek market through a growing project portfolio for governmental and private entities, DNASequence is now extending its operations towards foreign markets. “The characteristic climatic, cultural, and social identity of Israel provides a perfect setting where beneficial synergies could be formed to provide solutions to important problems such as the evaluation of stored and recycled water quality, Biosafety and Biosecurity applications in public buildings and means of transport as well as cultural heritage objects and monuments” explained Dr. Chasapi. One of the most recent projects of DNASequence has been the metagenomic analysis of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, providing information on the monument’s microbial identity, history, and overall condition.  

In the light of the pandemic that has changed the course of humanity during these past couple of years, the need of identifying and monitoring ‘the invisible’ has become self-evident. “DNASequence has brought cutting-edge research to business operations and is eager to use this strength to provide novel insights into environmental applications and all aspects of human activity” Dr. Chasapi concluded.