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DINAMIKI Ltd is a specialized tax boutique, established in May 1990 in Athens. Since then the company participates actively in the business environment and meets the demands of today’s globalized reality, with highly-skilled professional associates offering top-notch quality services. DINAMIKI deals with all the accounting and tax matters and has the knowledge and expertise, to accommodate any type of international clients. “Based on our long experience, our objective is to ensure ongoing operations for our customers in Greece. Our company is internationally oriented and we provide our services in seven languages: Greek, German, English, French, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian” said Mr. Spyridon Michopoulos, Managing Director of DINAMIKI Ltd. 

Michopoulos believes the ongoing and constantly developing relationship and business partnership between Greece and Israel is a win-win situation for both countries and his company stands ready to assist any Israeli interested in doing business in Greece. “DINAMIKI is experienced in working with multi-international companies, adopting the fast track processing and the mentality of its foreign clients at a local level” he explained. “DINAMIKI can be an accelerating factor in the development of Greek-Israeli business relations by facilitating and assisting Israeli business in the Greek market” he continued.

Indeed, the company’s high-quality consulting services have been recognized by its international clientele for years and it can help any Israeli investor, legal person or individual looking to enter Greece or is already active in the Greek market. 

“Considering that DINAMIKI is already working with Israeli entrepreneurs with great success, we believe that we have an important part in the development of Greek – Israeli collaboration and we would like to invite Israelis to learn more about us and our high-quality services that can ensure effective handling of their business in our country. We can represent them or their companies, in order to expand in Greece and develop furthermore the existing collaboration and friendship between our countries” Michopoulos concluded.