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The Souss Massa region, one of the twelve regions of the Kingdom of Morocco, is undoubtedly one of the main engines of the economic development of the country. With a GDP of approximately US $7.57 billion, Souss Massa contributes more than 6.7% to Morocco’s national product and it is a leader in the primary sector. The region’s economy is based on three key sectors: tourism, agriculture and fisheries. “Although the pandemic has severely affected tourism globally, which is one of the region’s wealth-generating sectors, other sectors have been relatively unaffected by the crisis and have saved the region from devastating economic consequences,” said Mr. Marouane Abdelati, the Director-General of Souss Massa Regional Investment Center (RIC)

The deployment of the industrial acceleration plan launched by his Majesty King Mohamed VI in 2018 has generated a great investment dynamic. This industrial approach developed for Souss-Massa focuses on eight ecosystems; three historical industrial sectors in the region, namely Shipbuilding, Agribusiness and Chemicals, as well as five emerging sectors, levers of industrial acceleration, namely; Automotive, Leather, Building Materials, Plastics and Offshoring. “To support this new dynamic, the region has set aside incentives for industrial land to improve its competitiveness and allocated 371 hectares of new Industrial Parks to add to the already existing 294 hectares” explained Mr. Abdelati. To find out more about available industrial land in the region please visit:

In addition, Souss-Massa has developed and modernized its infrastructure to attract companies to set up in the region, such as The City Of Innovation Souss Massa, a facility that aims to bring together the business world and research and development structures in favor of entrepreneurship and innovative startups and The Technopark Souss Massa, a hub to help Information Technology, Communication and Green Tech companies, as well as Cultural Organizations, flourish, with a capacity of 100 SMEs and startups on its premises. 

Concerning the tourism sector, the Souss Massa Region is counting on the development of new niches to expand its offer to include, among others, tourism with sustainable and ecological dimensions, business tourism, and cultural and medical tourism. In this regard, the region has mobilized about 3300 Ha spread over all its prefectures and provinces, 30 tourist areas have been identified with various vocations and which respect the particularities of each territory

“Souss Massa is a region with a huge economic potential for untapped growth. Besides the pleasant living environment, the region offers many investment opportunities that the RIC of Souss Massa, the governmental institution in charge of orchestrating the State’s policy in terms of attracting investment and providing support to companies, will be delighted to help you discover” Mr. Abdelati highlighted. “Our doors will remain wide open for you and our dedicated staff is at your entire disposal to assist you in the realization of your investment projects from start to finish.”