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The National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM) was established in 2005 by the merger of the Bureau of Research and Mining Participations (BRPM) and the National Office for Research and Petroleum Explorations (ONAREP), two organizations that have been pioneers and leaders in Morocco in their respective fields, and have benefited from a high reputation among international operators.

Today, ONHYM is the key public institution in the field of oil, gas and mining exploration and production and plays a major role in promoting the hydrocarbon potential of the Moroccan acreage to international energy companies. “Drawing upon an ambitious strategy, ONHYM is pursuing sustained efforts to boost both mineral exploration and oil and gas exploration, by strengthening the policy of openness to the global market and developing partnerships with investors on both national and international levels to promote the hydrocarbon and mining potential of the Moroccan subsoil” highlighted Ms. Amina Bankhadra, the Director-General.

Today, new frontiers are open in Morocco, a new modern database is acquired, new play concepts are developed and new discoveries are made. 13 international Oil & Gas companies are undertaking work on 53 exploration permits in onshore and offshore and eight (8) production licenses and our portfolio is still growing with new companies signing new agreements. In the mining exploration field, ONHYM conducts strategic exploration in the whole kingdom by itself or through partnership. It has been involved in the discovery of almost all mines in Morocco. “With a mining history during which several important discoveries have been made and experience gained, ONHYM is open to all association or partnerships with domestic and international operators to explore and/or develop economically exploitable mining businesses” added Ms. Benkhadra.

Attracting foreign companies is a top priority of ONHYM since Morocco has multiple proven petroleum offshore and onshore systems as well as a very attractive legal framework. The national office regularly offers international invitations to tender for prospects that it highlights with a view to their development and their exploitation. “In fact, about thirty national and international partners are operating in different projects, like MANAGEM (Morocco), TOLSA (Spain) on industrial minerals, MAYA GOLD SILVER (Canada), on-base metals and precious metals, the Australian Kasbah RESOURCES on gold and tin, Archean Group (gold), Garrot Chaillac (manganese)” she mentioned.

ONHYM negotiates, with all types of partners, the terms and conditions of different joint agreements, cooperation or partnership in accordance with legal provisions in use. “In September 2021, we have signed a petroleum reconnaissance agreement with the Israeli Oil & Gas exploration company Ratio Petroleum Partnership for the Atlantic block of Dakhla, and we hope to offer opportunities of investment in different sectors to other Israeli companies following the normalization of our relations.”

“We remain confident and optimistic for the future. ONHYM will spare no effort to encourage and increase oil exploration in the Moroccan sedimentary basins either by its own means or within partnerships, and we hope that these efforts will lead to favorable results in the near future” Benkhadra concluded.