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The Manufacturers Association of Israel (MAI) is one of the largest business organizations in Israel, representing 2000 member companies that account for more than 95% of the country’s industrial output.

MAI was established in 1921 and it has been instrumental in supporting and developing Israel’s Industrial Manufacturing sectors. “In 2021 we celebrated 100 years since the establishment of the association which has served as an umbrella organization for industrialists in our country,” said Dan Catarivas, Director General of the Foreign Trade and International Relations Division.

Catarivas and all the business community in Israel are excited about the normalization of relations with Morocco which took place in 2021, as part of the Abraham Accords. “There is big enthusiasm for this renewal of relations in Israel,” he said. “Morocco is a gateway to Africa and can be a hub for us to expand and operate in the region. Israel can definitely benefit from this development.” 

On the other hand, Israel possesses the technological and scientific know-how which can be critical for Morocco’s growing manufacturing industry. “We identified specific sectors for a potential cooperation between Israeli and Moroccan companies, such as Telecommunications, E-Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Fishing, Cybersecurity, Automotive as well as Aerospace” Catarivas explained. “Our technology can be critical in giving a competitive edge to Morocco’s products.”

“I am very happy about this new development with Morocco, not only for the potential economic gain, but also for cooperation in defense, culture, and tourism. Israel is not anymore in confrontation with the region and we are becoming the main partner in the Middle East and North Africa” he concluded.