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Following The Abraham Accords, some Moroccan companies are starting to look for partnerships with Israeli companies. Among them, Cooper Pharma stands out in the Health and Pharma industries.

Based in Casablanca since 1933, Cooper Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company in Morocco over the MEA, is working with health professionals to achieve a mission: offering to the largest number of people access to quality and affordable medications.

Today, Cooper Pharma is producing more than 100 pharmaceutical specialties of its branded generics portfolio in the major therapeutic areas and operates 9 manufacturing plants, 6 of them in North, West and East Africa, on top of local access & commercial operations. In addition to its own brand, Cooper Pharma manufactures, imports, markets and promotes hundreds of innovative medications under license from more than 20 international companies (Abbott, Merck, Pfizer..). “We have a culture of collaboration in manufacturing, commercial operations, service and maintenance. It is in our DNA” highlighted Dr. Ayman Cheikh Lahlou, Stanford university graduate and CEO of Cooper Pharma. The company now aims to lead Morocco and Africa towards Mobile Health, Products Innovation and Professional Training.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cooper Pharma, – as a regional leader – identified that progress could be made to upgrade healthcare services and products in Africa. “The pandemic has highlighted Africa’s vulnerability due to its reliance on drug importation and pharma companies are looking now to provide medicines locally. Besides, the African pharmaceutical market faces strong logistics challenges: complex supply chain, cold chain rupture risks, multiple and sub-optimal distribution flows from abroad. Selecting the right distribution and compliant partner is crucial” explained Dr. Cheikh Lahlou. “We need to make it happen in the short & medium term with long-term realistic targets and by leveraging experience from others. Maturing business environment, and increasing healthcare investments & expenditures show that there are plenty of opportunities in the $25bn African Pharma market to capture. Cooper Pharma is well-positioned in this market and the best partner for Israeli companies who look to explore those opportunities.”

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, Israel has demonstrated impressive pandemic management based on its strong healthcare system and it is one the most vaccinated country on earth today. In addition, Israel is known for its impressive innovations in health care, being a leading life sciences hub. Pharma Market in Israel is mature and competitive. “Cooper Pharma, through its subsidiary Cooper Biosciences, operates a vaccine and biotech business and is looking to further collaborate with Israeli companies to co-develop innovative Biotech products (diagnosis; therapies..)” pinpointed the CEO. The company has already signed a distribution deal in December 2021 with Teva Pharmaceuticals and is in discussions to expand territories and the products list.

 “Now is the time for strong partnerships across borders to drive health innovation. We look forward to collaborating with Israel just as we have done very successfully until now with innovative US and European healthcare companies,” he concluded.