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Belion Partners started by communicating different features that could be of interest to international investors and mobile foreign individuals and families. The impact of the Belion Partners’s website has exceeded the most optimistic initial expectations. Therefore, it evolved into a client-originating think tank that publishes information about Portugal. As a result, it now redirects interested parties to the Portugal-based professional services providers. The growth of the Belion client base currently exceeds more than sixty countries, placing the US within our top three. The company’s key highlights are its detailed information on the main topics of interest, efficient response, willingness to act as a single point of contact, as well as fully transparent fees, which allows our clients to have a trustworthy partner and first-class assistance with their cross-border investments and/or relocation process.

Belion Partners has been advising clients from all over the world for many years, especially from the US, on their investments in Portugal. Our expertise ranges not only from private investors – whether in real estate or other forms, but also to corporate investors – whether in relocation, acquisition or incorporating new companies in any industry and we can offer a complete range of solutions to the investors who come from abroad, with tailored turnkey solutions.

As most of the investments in Portugal are related to Real Estate, Belion has created a service very much dedicated to the client’s needs, in order to finding the perfect solution to each and unique client’s needs. US clients and their families will get to work with our trustworthy, exclusive and efficient team and take advantage of our numerous reliable partnerships to expedite their relocation process.

Portugal is a gem still to be discovered by many people around the world. Its unique features are the best reason for the investors to come, to see for themselves and to invest in this thriving country. There are many options such as Golden Visa, D7 Visa or others, which will allow US citizens to stay in Portugal, either permanently or occasionally, granting them the opportunity to make their investments and savings grow in a variety of ways. Furthermore, the country offers many tax advantages to new residents through, for example, a very competitive tax regime named NHR. They also have the advantage of a safe environment and a free public healthcare system which compares to the best in the world.

Belion Partners are ready to help US citizens throughout their moving process to Portugal, which might end up being the most rewording and satisfying decision of their lives.