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The Golden Portugal specialises in the Portugal Golden Visa and has an enviable track-record and reputation in serving clients from all around the world. “Our biggest strength is our knowledge, experience and connections in the Portuguese real estate and financial sectors and therefore our ability to find investment options that are aligned with our client’s goals and objectives” said Pedro O. Cardoso, the Managing Partner. 

To safeguard their clients’ best interests, The Golden Portugal only work with selected partners. “We also have an active coordination of the full Golden Visa process, liaising with lawyers, banks, tax authorities, fund managers and real estate players, making sure that obtaining the Golden Visa is, for our customers, a good and smooth experience” he added.

US citizens and US residents represent currently around a quarter of their international client base. “In fact several of our founding partners, including myself, were expats working in different countries in four continents, including America, and they have a global perspective of what are the challenges of living abroad, having a foreign visa or a second passport”, Cardoso highlighted.

Portugal is very popular for foreigners because of its weather, beaches, cuisine, vibrant culture, history, affordable living costs, safety, the friendliness of its people and their fluency in English.  The Golden Visa also offers visa-free travel throughout Europe, a clear path to citizenship or permanent residency for the applicant and dependents. It only requires short stay visits totaling 14 days every 2-year period. “One of the main advantages of Portugal’s Golden Visa program is the possibility of acquiring citizenship without needing to live in the country. Other similar programs are just purely residency programs or they need the applicant to live in the country for a number of years in order to qualify for citizenship. Some other countries need the applicants to renounce their own nationality,” Cardoso explained. The Golden Visa program is very attractive for digital nomads as well. “Some of them are working in the US and do remote work for part of the year and so are able to live in Portugal during that period” he mentioned.

Most of The Golden Portugal clients are aiming to get citizenship as their ultimate goal. A majority of them are not planning to move to Portugal in the short term but they want to kick start the immigration process right now, so they can stay where they are, keep their current job and lifestyle for the moment whilst working towards a citizenship that gives them visa-free access to the EU.

“This is the beauty of the Portugal Golden Visa – its simplicity and flexibility” Cardoso concluded.