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EQTY CAPITAL is a Real Estate Investment Company based in Lisbon, aimed at achieving long-term, sustainable and above-market returns, governed within a diversified and transparent structure. 

“At EQTY, we believe that good people working together can achieve great things. Our purpose is to generate prosperity, improve lifestyles and facilitate legacy investments that have a lasting, positive impact on people, our planet and how we live,” summarized Mr.  Michael Maxwell, the company’s Head of Business Development. “We are the initiators of an investment platform constellation managed by independent and regulated Fund Managers who look out for the investors’ best interests, all within an eco-system that increases in value through its quality, constant betterment and scale.” 

The platform of EQTY Funds provide access to quality, sustainable and long-term investment opportunities in Real Estate, Technology and Education to enrich lives. EQTY is always the founding unit holder in any fund on the platform. “Our view is consistently long term and decisions are only taken after much deliberation and after having absorbed insight from market and industry leaders,” highlights Maxwell. The unique ability to strategically identify the prime units, in the best projects, in the most desired locations, delivered by the leading developers of Portugal really sets EQTY apart. This, along with a highly experienced international and local team with strong track records, led to a 2021 that exceeded even EQTYs best expectations. “With 3 funds nearly fully subscribed in our first year alone, our focus for 2022 is to continue with quality acquisitions and initiate several new funds that offer investors even further choice, with investment portfolios customized to individual needs” he added.

Americans East to West Coast have realized the potential of Portugal and the quality it offers. “Interestingly, what is drawing the crowd, are elements that Portugal has never lacked. Perhaps the biggest change in recent years is the marketing of the Portugal ‘brand’. Beyond a wonderful climate and natural beauty, it is a warmly welcoming country where one can enjoy the simple things in life in a cultured, safe, diverse, affordable and stable environment,” said Maxwell. Commercially, Portugal has been performing well for several years and it is an exciting time to look at the country from an investment point of view. The capability of combining a solid investment with an initiative like the Golden Visa Residency program makes the decision to invest in Portugal a clear choice.

Americans expect to have a diverse array of choice when considering an investment. More importantly such choice must be in a robust, regulated and managed structure.  The platform of EQTY funds provides this by offering exceptional diversification not only in regulated product but in prime real estate developers too. The EQTY team resonates with internationally minded individuals who expect to engage with commercial expertise and corporate ethics of the highest standards. 

“The apprehension of investing into a foreign country is mitigated with the right partner. We’re glad to share our expertise to those looking at investing in this beautiful country so they too can receive the same privileged welcome we’ve enjoyed. We are passionate about Portugal. It would be our pleasure to talk through and understand how EQTY Capital can be of help to you,” Maxwell concluded. We encourage readers to each out to EQTY directly by scanning the QR code for more information or emailing