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Latitude is a leading international residency and citizenship planning firm, providing valuable insight and expertise to private clients, advisors, intermediaries and governments. The executive team have over 100 years of collective experience, more than any other firm in the Investment Migration industry. Latitude employs over 80 industry professionals in 19 countries and offers over 25 jurisdictions for our clients to consider.

“A new generation of wealthy elite have ambitions that reach far beyond the limitations of national borders. They live in a digital world with a global outlook. Latitude offers leading solutions to investors who are prepared to make a significant investment to gain residency and/or citizenship in a chosen country. “Latitude has an unrivaled international network of clients and institutional relationships, combined with complementary ancillary services from our global financial services partner, providing a uniquely compelling proposition for our clients” said Eric Major, Latitude’s CEO. “But what makes us really stand out from the crowd is our approach: genuinely innovative products, competitively priced services and customer-driven, hands-on delivery” he added.

Latitude is the first, and to this day, the only global Investment Migration firm with a presence in the United States. With its offices in Los Angeles and New York, Latitude is well positioned to meet and advise Americans on all aspects of international residency and citizenship. Latitude saw in 2021 a 700% increase in demand from Americans over 2020 and expects continued growth as more and more Americans see the value of having access and residency privileges abroad. In fact, the Portugal Golden Visa was the most popular program with our American clients.

“The pandemic has reinforced the need for having options, and having a second citizenship or residence is quickly becoming an essential component of a client’s overall portfolio. There are many concerns within the US, which remains a very divisive society, and people are looking at options overseas. Americans are very patriotic and the conversations are not about renouncing their US citizenship, but having other options in case things are not to their liking in the US. Whether it is political, economic (taxes) or social, the push factors are in place” Major explained. “Obtaining a second residency or citizenship is not demonstrating that they are unpatriotic but merely enhancing their freedoms.” 

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