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Kleya was born in 2015 as ‘one stop shop’ to all foreigners that wish to live or invest in Portugal. “We saw the opportunity to offer people an advisor that would put together all the ‘moving parts’ associated to the decision of living or investing in our country” said Vasco Rosa da Silva, the CEO. Kleya solutions can be summarized in three main verticals: Property (either to live or invest), Residence where we work very closely with tax and legal partners and Relocation (where we handle all the key formalities and logistical aspects). However, the most important is to plan and advise on the right decisions to assure a smooth landing for those coming to Portugal, according to the individual’s or company’s specific needs.

In 2020 Kleya was acquired by Ageas Group an insurance company that has a ‘Beyond Insurance’ strategy and that saw in Kleya the ideal company to deliver its mission of providing a relevant and emotional experience in people’s life, specifically foreigners. “The investment capacity brought by Ageas Group allowed Kleya to invest in more digital processes that truly make life easier for all foreigners coming to Portugal with Kleya. In fact, today we are able to complete several processes for our clients even before they arrive in Portugal or with the client working from its new home in Portugal like obtaining a tax number, complete the NHR process, evaluate property prices or even complete a Golden Visa process” explained Rosa da Silva.

“I have no doubt that Portugal can offer all the conditions for a development of a successful venture but investing in a new country demands careful planning. The first step would be to speak to a Kleya expert and from there, we can build a roadmap to success, focusing on the goal, be it financial return or  quality of life” he concluded.

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