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INS Portugal has been in the real estate market in Portugal for the past 30 + years and has since then managed to establish long lasting relationships with clients both at a global and a local aspect. “Our philosophy is to meet each of our clients’ needs to the fullest. We have agents that speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German fluently and we match our clients with specific agents that can best assist potential buyers according to their characteristics and needs” said Daniel Próspero, the Commercial Director.

American interest in Portugal is rising fast and this is due to many factors that the country provides. “Firstly, it is strategically located as being the closest European country to North America. Secondly, the country enjoys an average of 300 days of sunny weather. Thirdly, it has many aspects that make the transition of an American family easier to adapt, such as a variety of International Schools, an English-speaking population and our hospitality towards foreigners” explained Próspero.

In addition, the country offers attractive tax incentives as well as the best value for money in real estate. “The Golden Visa Program was a very beneficial program for Americans who want to invest in Portugal. This is because they could buy a property in Portugal to obtain temporary citizenship for two years and only have to be in Portugal 7 days a year. This allows any investor to maintain their old lifestyle in their home country while they wait for the permanent residency. At the same time they will have an excuse to visit our beautiful country for at least one week out of the year and enjoy our beautiful weather and amazing sights” he added.

Despite the challenging times during Covid19 pandemic, INS PORTUGAL has been successful in finding great opportunities for their clients and investors. “This has always been through hard work, dedication and resilience. Portugal will always be a corner of the earth where quality of life are the perfect words to describe our country. INS PORTUGAL is very excited to present potential clients with the possibility of investing here only because we genuinely believe in the immense potential this country has to offer” Próspero concluded.