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With over 25 years of institutional experience and more than 35 offices worldwide, Henley & Partners is by far the largest globally integrated pure-play residence and citizenship advisory firm in the world, facilitating the acquisition of the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program for clients from anywhere in the world. 

As soon as the Portuguese government initiated its Golden Residence Permit Program in 2012, the firm opened its Portugal office early in 2013 in central Lisbon. “We started with just 4 employees but today we have a team of 16 staff who provide a world-class advisory service to HNWIs and their families from across the globe which is underpinned by strict confidentiality, data security, and limited transaction risk” said Mr. Mehdi Kadiri, Managing Partner at Henley & Partners North America.

During the last few years, there was a massive spike in interest amongst Americans in investment migration generally, and Portugal specifically, driven by mainly 3 factors: the Covid19 pandemic, the overall value proposition of European real-estate-based investment migration programs and the attractiveness of Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program. “High-net-worth individuals favor European real estate-linked migration programs as they offer a unique hybrid investment opportunity that includes multiple yields from real estate, with all its traditional upside, as well as an alternative residence and/or citizenship with the option to relocate if they need too” explained Kadiri. “Even high-net-worth individuals from advanced economies with premium passports and world-class healthcare systems such as the US are now looking to create portfolios of complementary citizenship and residence options, and Portugal  – given its very attractive and quickly-processed Residence Program – is a top choice for them” he added.

“We already have clients who have obtained their Portuguese citizenship and passport five years after acquiring their Golden Residence Permit through Henley & Partners” Kadiri added. “We are ready to assist you realize your dream of providing opportunity and optionality for you and you family.”