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The Portugal Company brings 20+ years of experience in the Portuguese real estate market and specializes in expat relocations and orienting newcomers to the Portuguese real estate market. “Our core service is buyer’s advocacy, and we offer a wide spectrum of services to help our clients investing and moving to Portugal. We can help you to get European residency through real estate investment, via the Golden Visa program” said Alice Meireles van Nuenen, co-founder of the company. 

There is an increasing demand for properties like quintas or farm estates, close to an authentic Portuguese village, yet relatively close to one of the international airports. Offering both the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends and enjoy the Portuguese way of living, as well as being flexible to travel for work or pleasure. “We have relocated several American families who are now enjoying life in Portugal. They are very happy they made the move and having it all: a beautiful and spacious family house, a perfect climate, in one of the safest countries on the globe” explained Pieter van Nuenen, co-founder. Indeed, Portugal ranks among the top 3 or 5 when it comes to quality of life, value for money, and safety, according to various international research institutes. “Also, we see a lot of demand from investors for properties that can easily rented, generating ROI. It’s still possible to purchase property in cities like Lisbon and Porto under the new Golden Visa rules, provided the properties have a commercial license such as shops, parking spaces, etc.” he added.

“Relocating to a foreign country can be daunting. Work with an expert team that translates your ideas and demands into a personal plan. This is the key for a successful move to Portugal” said Alice. “You will feel comfortable with The Portugal Company, we understand your needs and will support you throughout the entire process, in any region of the country.”