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Al Otaiba Group is one of the oldest business groups in the United Arab Emirates which benefited the Emiratis in all aspects of life: political, economical and social – for more than 250 years now. It is fully owned by Emiratis and enjoys a group order book of USD 1 billion. 

Trizac Holding Group, its main investment arm, employs over 2000 people and is involved in many key sectors such as Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Power, Transport, Healthcare, Technical Services, Manufacture of Cables, Manufacturing of Ducts, Manufacturing of prefabricated concrete troughs, trading of automotive batteries, trading of industrial batteries, inverters, UPS, instrumentation and automation services, trading in polymers and transportation. The Group is managed by highly-qualified internationally-experienced professionals, all of them experts in their respective fields who played a vital role in the Group’s successful expansion in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, Myanmar, USA as well as African countries. 

The leadership of the Group saw the opportunity and was the first one to set up a factory in the UAE, while its competitors preferred to setup factories in low cost countries. “The UAE has a strategic location, is a reliable and good partner, it has a strong and transparent economy, an excellent supply chain and is a very tolerant country. So how do we capitalize that?” asked Mr. Bikash Giri, the CEO of Trizac Holding Group.

Israel’s gateway to the Arab world and Africa

Giri is a visionary CEO whose main mission is to expand the company’s investments in the Arab world, Asia and Africa. “There are many underdeveloped countries in these regions that need to catch up with the rest of the developed world, and their people need access to basic services” said Giri. “We want to change that and the opportunities for everyone involved are huge.”

The UAE’s strategic location plays an important role for Trizac Holding’s expansion into all of these areas and the signing of the Abraham Accords have opened another door with great potential, the Israeli market. “Our company has strict regulatory practices in place to facilitate safe and secure investments from our partners, we are experienced in emerging markets especially in the Middle East and Africa and we are engaged in key sectors such as Telecommunication and Renewable Energy, both of which are the future for these markets” he explained.

According to the CEO, there has been a lot of interest by Israelis to use the UAE as a gateway and Trizac Holding can be the ideal headquarter for them in for regional expansion. “The timing is perfect for everyone involved and we are actively looking for international partnerships, especially from Israel, to help us expand around the region and Africa. We have some strategic acquisitions in mind and we are now in the process of raising funding from our investors. For instance, we are ready to proceed with an investment in a major power project in Bangladesh and that would be the perfect opportunity for Israeli investors” explained Giri.

The future is bright and the potential is great especially when it comes to these three aspects: Technology, Power and Telecommunications. Following the  Covid19 pandemic crisis, Trizac Holding Group is ready for the big comeback and we invite potential Israelis partners to join our regional expansion plans” Giri concluded.

The timing is perfect for everyone involved and we are actively looking for international partnerships, especially from Israel, to help us expand around the region and Africa. We have some strategic acquisitions in mind and we are now in the process of raising funding from our investors.

Bikash Giri

The Group at a glance

Trizac Holding LLC offers a comprehensive holding company management services and deals mainly with Company Formation and Structuring, Legal and Company Secretary, Accountancy and Tax, Administration,Properties and Real Estate.

Oil & Gas: Trizac Abu Dhabi spearheads the Group’s oil and gas operations and is one of the region’s leading oilfield supplies and industrial services companies. The company works with some the world’s largest oil and gas corporations either as an agent, sponsor or as a joint venture partner.

Power Generation: The main company, Jazeera Emirates Power, was established in 2007 and its operations include Power Transmission, Distribution & Automation works and looks to further expand in the areas of Power, Oil & Gas to Renewable energy solutions sectors. In addition, Scott Power Corporation, another entity in this segment, is an international power conditioning company specializing in designing & manufacturing of world class Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems & Inverters. Training & technical support facilities are located in SAIF Zone, Sharjah to service its customers, channel partners & OEMs across Middle East, Africa & the CIS continents.

IT/Telecommunications: Intelligent Communication Systems offers an integrated design, engineering, procurement and project management services in the telecommunication, infrastructure and information technology sectors. It has already a solid presence in the GCC region and the next step is expand into other potential markets in Asia-Pacific and Africa regions, and has already formed ITS Singapore and ITS Africa.

Manufacturing: Global Emirates Cables & Systems industries LLC manufactures cables and fibre optics while AFRI Piping Systems Middle East Industries LLC specializes in pipes and ducts manufacturing. 

Healthcare: Medilux Medical Supplies was established in 2010 and is engaged in the whole-selling and retailing of innovative dermo-cosmetics products in the GCC region.

Siraj Holding, another holding company of the group, has strong presence in the Insurance Services sector and a leading position in the Financial Services market. Siraj Venture Investment is the group’s investment company responsible for private investment placements that works for the investment interest of the investors.

Asset Management: Siraj Asset management is an investment platform in  the UAE  which manages two funds under the three different product offerings (debt/equity/merger and acquisition). The company’s total asset under management exceed US $500M and is supported by the organization’s collective knowledge , brand and network.

Insurance: Al Hilal Takaful is the newest addition to the Group’s portfolio of companies. The company provides the full range of individual and corporate insurance services and its acquisition has opened great opportunities for the Group and further strengthen its conglomerate stature. In addition, the Group owns Yas Takaful.

Finance: Siraj Finance is the Group’s financial services company which offers a wide range of financial products based on the Islamic Shari’ah laws and its clients include individuals, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and corporations. The company helps its clients achieve healthy growth and maximize their investments in Islamic  countries

Fintech: T3 Technologies operates T3FX, a multifaceted FX execution platform with the purpose to maintain liquidity management within the UAE and create its own “self sustainable FX market”. In addition, Remitex Technologies is whole new digital experience which captures the entire lifecycle of a customer from onboarding to transactions and beyond.

Consulting: AJMS Global provides niche consulting proposition to its clients in the area of Tax, Risk, Compliance, IFRS advisory and Digital Transformation Advisory.

Technology: Gibraltar Technologies develops high-tech solutions based on Cyber Security, Clouds, IoT, Facial Recognition and AI.

Hospitality: The Group owns LEVA Hotels, a dynamic lifestyle hotel brand uniquely positioned in the upscale and midscale segments.