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The bonds between our peoples began when individual American friends of Greece, or philhellenes, rolled up their sleeves to help Greek women and men reclaim Greece’s birthright of democracy in the 1820s.  For two centuries since then, the United States and Greece have stood shoulder-to-shoulder to support each other’s democracies and promote regional peace, stability, and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Balkans.   

Today, Greece has emerged from a decade of financial hardship as a pillar of stability in the region, a key U.S. partner, and a provider of solutions to the challenges we face in this complicated region. Our landmark success as Honored Country at the 2018 Thessaloniki International Fair elevated the U.S.-Greece relationship to a new level and helped U.S. companies like Microsoft, Pfizer, Cisco, Google, and Deloitte leverage the value proposition that Greece represents with its creative and highly educated workforce, its strategic location, and its rich natural resources.   

US Ambassador
Mr. Geoffrey Pyatt, Ambassador of the United States to Greece

These companies and many others are now expanding their footprint in Greece, a gateway to the Balkan market of 30 million people, and are looking for other opportunities.  At the same time, Prime Minister Mitsotakis’s market-friendly reforms and the government’s handling of the pandemic have enhanced Greece’s reputation as a trusted destination for American investment, paving the way, in particular, for Greece’s emerging knowledge-based economy. 

The sky’s the limit for what our two countries can achieve together.  The United States is fully committed to working with Greece to ensure that the Eastern Mediterranean is a zone of peace, economic collaboration, and growing prosperity for all.