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Greece, is undoubtedly a global maritime leader and the United States had a big role in this. “It was America that provided for free the original nucleus for the rebuilding of the Greek fleet which had been destroyed during the WW2” said Mr. Ioannis Plakiotakis, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy of Greece. During the same period, ABS – an American maritime classification society – established an office in Greece, following the end of World War II and the restart of the Greek shipping industry. “The shipping industry of Greece is now one of the most advanced in the world and we believe in it,” said Vassilios Kroustallis, ABS Vice President, Europe. “The fact that our biggest office in Europe is located in Greece is proof of our commitment to the industry in this country.” 

Mr. Ioannis Plakiotakis, Greek Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy

ABS is continuously investing in Greece both financially and in manpower. They have set up the biggest engineering center in Athens, a center of nautical systems, a big survey department and a sustainability center – one of only two in Europe for ABS – to assist in developing solutions for the industry’s biggest challenge: decarbonization.

Mr. Vassilios Kroustallis, VP Europe of ABS

In addition, “Greece is an essential and strategic partner of the US economy since approximately 22% of the greek fleet’s activity serves the U.S. The strategic maritime relationship between the US and Greece is and will remain solid, productive and mutually beneficial for our economies and societies” said Plakiotakis.