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Greece has a growing and flourishing Research and Innovation (R&I) ecosystem based on its excellent human capital of innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs, its developed infrastructure and a pro-business pro-innovation Government which is focusing its efforts to attract more US investment from technology companies to set up bases in the country. “We have recently signed a bilateral agreement with the US, which set the framework for technology, research and innovation organizations to find synergies in their respective fields,” said Mr. Christos Dimas the Deputy Minister for Research and Innovation. “In the last year, we attracted a large number of US investments in the technology field with the most notable being Microsoft, which plans a US$1billion investment to create a regional digital data center in Greece. 

Mr. Christos Dimas, Greek Deputy Minister for Research, Innovation and Technology

The country start-up ecosystem is flourishing as well, and many international investors are now investing in EquiFund, a fund established in 2016 by the Hellenic Republic and the European Investment Fund. “We see investment opportunities arising from the areas of semiconductors, transport & logistics, enterprise software tools, cybersecurity, energy, agrotech, fintech, real estate, hospitality, as well as marine & gov tech” said Mr. Dimitrios Skalkos, the Chairman of EquiFund. “We are happy to see investing interest from the US. Greece and US have strong historical and cultural bonds and have mutual feelings of trust” he added.

Mr. Demetrios Skalkos, Chairman of Equifund

“Greece is here for business and we are capable of competing internationally, with our excellent human capital of innovators, researchers and academics ready to find solutions at a local, national and global scale” added Dimas.