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Pepper Hellas is an independent Asset Management Company specializing in real estate Asset & Property Management & Advisory. Pepper has a track record of the largest projects that have taken place in Greece, including but not limited to the execution of all the country’s AQR exercises, numerous valuation and advisory projects, market leading research, management of various types of assets for multiple owners and many transactions across the whole property sector. “Our aim is to become Greece’s largest specialized real estate asset manager platform by servicing owners of large or single asset portfolios” mentioned Mr. Thomas Ziogas, the CEO.

Since 2015, especially after 2018, movement in the real estate market has increased significantly. Greater demand is identified in new-built residential, modern-specification office buildings, logistics, hotels, and anything related to supporting remote working. On the contrary, traditional real estate investment sectors such as high street shops and malls are seen with skepticism. “Greece is identified by international investors as a ‘still low-priced’ western country to invest in that can offer a great variety of investment options at reasonably higher returns” explained Ziogas. “The macroeconomic outlook for Greece, aside covid uncertainty, is seen very positive by all institutional organizations and combined with the approved EU subsidies create a ten-year positive investment horizon” he added.

Greece is in a turning point where both the NPL as well as the real estate markets show great movement while coming out of the pandemic and the country’s deepest financial crisis. This offers unique investment opportunities for all types of investment strategies and for our businesses to grow allowing us to introduce to the market best international practices. “We see ourselves growing to become the leading Real Estate Asset Manager in Greece that combined with our international loan servicing experience, provide an end-to-end solution for our clients” Ziogas concluded.

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