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Allianz Trade in Greece (formerly Euler Hermes Hellas) is a branch of Allianz Trade the worldwide leader in trade credit insurance offering expert solutions such as surety bonds, debt collection, trade credit risk, political risk, credit management and business fraud insurance. “Our mission is to help customers globally to trade wisely and develop their business safely. Through our financial solidity, domestic and export market knowledge and global business network we empower companies of all sizes to trade with confidence, and be paid” said Andrea Misticoni, the former CEO of Allianz Trade in Greece. “Because trade is changing very fast, we invest in new digital technologies and put innovation at the heart of our business.”

As a leader in the credit insurance industry, Allianz Trade in Greece has created the necessary range of products and services to help businesses in Greece develop their domestic and export activity. The company’s new credit insurance policy, Corporate Advantage, is a sophisticated tool addressing the needs of the large and multinational enterprises. Its extensive library enables the creation of a credit insurance solution tailored to the specific needs of the customer. For small and medium businesses, Misticoni recommends the Simplicity solution, which is designed to cut the time spent managing customer debts so they can focus on what they do best: building their business.

“In addition, in the context of the continuous upgrade of our services, we are the first credit insurance company in Greece to expand our service portfolio with surety bonds. As a result, we offer the most comprehensive range of credit risk management solutions to support Greek businesses to trade with confidence domestically and abroad” he explained.

Despite the economic crisis brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, Allianz Trade in Greece is fully mobilized to enable businesses to continue to trade. “Our transformation journey will continue putting at the heart of our strategy the customer proximity. We all are committed to work on innovation, systematically improving the customer experience by introducing new tools and by adopting new digital strategies” Misticoni concluded.

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