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Serafim Sotiriadis & Associates is an Athens-based law firm, specializing in commercial law, insolvency law, business restructuring and recovery. It was the first law firm in Greece to successfully submit and ratify a ‘rehabilitation agreement’ – a document that has served as a reference point for the Rehabilitation Mechanisms (106b and 106d of the Greek Bankruptcy Code) that followed.

The firm has also been among the first to be involved in Greece’s Non Performing Loans (NPL) market and has vast experience in providing foreign investors with legal advice on the Greek Law, to give them a deep understanding of its impact on their investment choices and strategies. Greece has already attracted the world’s biggest investment companies, some of which have already entered into the market very dynamically, including some of the biggest American distressed funds. “The reformed distressed Greek market is expected to perform very well in the next years and this put our firm in a position to address these legal issues related to this industry more efficiently, taking into consideration the foreign investors’ differentiated origination and environment, especially the American ones” explained the Managing Partner, Mr. Serafim Soteriadis.

Soteriadis’ aims to preserve the quality of the firm’s legal services and continue responding to the clients’ needs. “Our firm, as a top corporate law firm that is specialized in corporate restructuring, is now contributing to the immense restructuring of private debt that is now taking place in the country with the purpose to promote viable solutions for our clients, and securing their business and investments” he said. “In addition, we want to bring out investment opportunities and lead our clients to choices of their interest. Greece is now a very interesting investment destination due to large scale of the private debt restructuring. Investing in distressed businesses and instruments has been a very profitable industry for many investors. Our firm purports to facilitate the financial changes that our now being implemented in the country by providing world class legal advice on the complex issues that arise in Greece’s legal regime” he concluded.