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During the ten-year-long Greek economic crisis, it appears that the negative phenomenon of mass disinvestment by many multinational corporations in Greece was fully halted. In fact, the exact opposite tendency seems to be now gaining ground, as many corporations of American interests are considering various investment opportunities in Greece. This tendency appears to be maintained at the moment, and to be even more encouraged in the not-so-distant future, given the amelioration of the financial situation in Greece, the improvement and modernization of its socio-economic structures and its institutions, the strengthening of its competitive advantages, the stabilization of the country’s political scene, as well as its noteworthy geostrategic position, especially due to recent events in the north-eastern Mediterranean region. 

“Within this ever-evolving environment, our law firm, which mainly focuses on the field of financial criminal law, including anti-corruption fraud, embezzlement, breach of fiduciary duty, tax evasion and money laundering, has long experience in representing clients from the UK, Germany, the US, recently China, and elsewhere,” said Dr. Ovvadias Namias, Managing Partner of Ovvadias Namias Law Firm. “Our clients are mostly involved with the banking, the financial, and the equipment sector, as well as pharmaceutical companies etc.”

In this new exceptional financial era for Greece, which coincides with a growing interest among American investors, the firm’s distinctive attributes are the experience we have gained throughout the years, and our motivation to introduce the practice of internal investigation into the Greek market. “It is crucial that this kind of investigation, whose purpose is to detect potentially committed criminal offenses, is being conducted by independent law firms specializing in penal law, such as ours, often in collaboration with prestigious audit firms, with which we have also established strategic bonds. According to the Law, corporations might attain numerous advantages from such a practice ” said Namias.