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Kleon Tsetis, a restless pharmacist and researcher, with a vision to strengthen the position of Greek manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry, established Uni-Pharma in 1963 with the mission to improve the quality of life of our fellow men by facilitating access to treatment with innovative, high-quality and cost-efficient pharmaceutical products. “Since its establishment, Uni-pharma has been active in research, development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals of the highest quality, covering all major therapeutic areas, with innovative, ground-breaking products of their time, such as IV paracetamol, APOTEL® and enteric-coated low-dose ASA, SALOSPIR®, as well as technologically challenging products such as Levothyroxine Sodium, T4®” explained Mrs. Julia Tseti, CEO of The Tsetis Pharmaceutical Group of Companies (OFET).

OFET comprises two complimentary, dynamic pharma companies, Uni-pharma SA and InterMed SA, as well as a Cyprus-based commercial company, Pharmabelle, and the newly established Uniherbo, specializing in medicinal plant extraction.

Uni-pharma and InterMed export to more than 66 countries worldwide, leveraging on growth opportunities around the globe. Both industries, export high-technology and innovative products under its own brands.

“Our Group has invested more than 80 million euros in recent years, while the investment plan for the years 2019-2021 exceeds 15 million euros with the completion of the radical renovation of Uni-Pharma’s historical manufacturing site” highlighted Mrs. Tseti, adding that the company is open to Joint Venture collaborations with US and other international companies in complex and capital-intensive advanced innovation projects in the biomedical field, as highlighted by the Covid19 pandemic.

“We are living through troubled times, but with an inspiring vision, immovable focus, accountability, synergistic and fair collaborations and solidarity, we can overcome all obstacles. It is our duty to work in unison with social cohesion and rebuild in the Post-Covid19 era, so as to make Greece a unique Hub of Innovation and Excellence. And above all, it is our principal duty to protect the environment and safeguard sustainability. This is the mission of our generation” stated Mrs. Tseti.