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ETME is a rapidly evolving engineering company which aims at commercially exploiting its unique IPR portfolio in the domain of offshore wind (FloatMast®) and maritime surveillance (Unmanned Semi-fixed Sea Platforms – USSPs). The company is a well-established civil and environmental engineering company with more than 20 years of experience and forms the succession of the ETME Antoniou – Peppas company, formed in 1971. It has a long track record in consulting the Government and Europe in matters of Heavy Infrastructure in the domain of hydro engineering as well as in Defence and Security. The company core capacity is its ability to envision new products and services, protect them through patents and deliver them to the market. 

“As a company we have invested heavily in the offshore energy sector and we believe that this sector is growing rapidly both in Greece and the USA thus, presenting tremendous opportunities in the field. In particular, we anticipate a very rapid growth in Greece of the Offshore Renewables sector and FloatMast® , our unmanned floating wind measurements mast, will become a key factor in the offshore wind development in both countries. In fact we are looking ways to expand our business in the US and we clearly see this field as a potential collaboration area between ETME and US entities” said Antonios Peppas, CEO of ETME.

“I would like to stress-out that Greece has turned the page and the opportunities for mutually beneficial collaborations in all business fields are very actual with marine renewables positioned at the very top” he added.

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