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DNV, one of the world’s leading international accredited registrar and classification society, has been in Greece since 1921 with the purpose to safeguard life, property and environment, while having its people as priority. “For all this time, we have been building trust between maritime and industry stakeholders, suppliers and customers, systems and technologies. DNV has been contributing in the amplification of safety and quality in the shipping industry, as well as, in the challenging oil and offshore sector” said Ioannis Chiotopoulos, DNV Senior VP & Regional Manager of South East Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Currently, DNV’s main goal is to navigate the maritime industry through the uncharted waters of the two megatrends: decarbonization and digitalization. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic brought digitalization on the spotlight, as this was the key enabler for almost every industry’s business continuity within the lockdown periods. “DNV was well-prepared, thanks to all the digital class services already existing in a highly advanced level, and also moved forward towards further enhancing those services” explained Chiotopoulos. 

Greece, as a traditional maritime nation, is considered as one of the home-markets for DNV and the growth of DNV Greece, Piraeus office is proved by the numbers. “In 2016 we had 711 vessels under DNV Greece class, translated into 32.80 mGT, Today we have 855 vessels under our class, translated into 42.89 mGT, Currently we have the 19% of the market share in Greece in terms of GT” highlighted Chiotopoulos.

This year DNV celebrates its 100th anniversary of presence in Greece. This anniversary pays tribute to the glorious past, emphasizing the unquestionably strong present and looking forward to an even brighter future for Greek shipping. “I want to take this opportunity and thank all our people from DNV, the shipowners and all the other factors, who have supported our institution and our efforts since 1921. DNV is our people and everything we have achieved so far, is because of our people” Chiotopoulos stated.