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The Municipality of Nicosia aims to transform the city centre and the area within the walls into a cutting-edge district of knowledge, research, innovation and entrepreneurship as various projects have been implemented or are underway that will stimulate economic growth in the area. “Our municipality has incorporated research, innovation and entrepreneurship in its Integrated Urban Sustainable Strategy since 2015 with a plethora of actions in different directions” said Mr. Constantinos Yiorkadjis, the Mayor of Cyprus’ capital city.  “The combination of these actions result in an impact bigger than the sum of the parts.”

The Municipality is currently setting up the Creative Industries Quarter, an Information and Training Center for Enhancing Employment and Entrepreneurship, is leading the establishment of CYENS – an ICT Centre of Excellence in Research and Innovation – and last but not least is evolving Nicosia into a smart city, aiming to the green and digital transitions. “Nicosia’s Quarter of Creative Industries will host Creative and Cultural entrepreneurship initiatives and avail them the Business cluster opportunities in close proximity and collaboration with the CYENS Center of Excellence (CoE)” explained Yiorkadjis.

Nicosia, Cyprus’ capital, aspires to become an innovation and entrepreneurship hub, linking east to west

Nicosia wants to collaborate and develop strong relationships with Israel. And discussions have started amongst different parties regarding mainly innovation, entrepreneurship and smart city activities. Still these are variable efforts in different fronts. “Through the Deputy Ministry of Research and Innovation we had the privilege to participate in different trainings in such areas offered to Cypriot stakeholders. Through CYENS, this collaboration is extending in research and innovation at a more familiar level with academics, universities, and Israeli companies” said Yiorkadjis. “We want to enhance this cooperation in a way that is mutually beneficial for both Nicosia and Israel.”

Indeed, Nicosia can be a close and attractive European Destination that can host startups and companies from Israel. Such collaboration will reinforce synergies between the Startup Nation and Nicosia, and at the same time provide multiple benefits for Cyprus and Israel at large.

“We want to collaborate with Israel, Israeli Innovation Centres and Israeli innovative startups and SMEs. The partnerships we develop and the stakeholders we engage with, will enable the city to benefit from the knowledge produced and systematically reconfigure its role and actions with a glocal approach towards challenges, competitiveness and sustainable urban development. Our partners will have a safe friendly, hospitable and dynamic host in Nicosia. We have a lot to learn by working together; we will be able to complement our knowledge and actions, and enhance progress and growth for all” Yiorkadjis concluded.

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