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The Cyprus Investment and Securities Corporation (“CISCO”) has a long history in the Cypriot capital markets. CISCO was established by the World Bank in 1982 and acquired by the Bank of Cyprus in 1988 to serve as its investment banking arm. 

Being a subsidiary of the largest banking institution on the island and having an excellent reputation have made the firm a major player, virtually the sole actor at such a scale. “CISCO offers a suite of brokerage and investment banking services and will be reintroducing discretionary asset management as part of the offering in 2021” announced by Dr. Athos Chandriotis, CISCO’s General Manager. “We are the number one broker in the Cyprus Stock Exchange and a top-20 remote member of the Athens Stock Exchange” he explained. The firm serves a diverse customer base that comprises mostly of large Cyprus-based corporates, both listed and private and its brokerage services focus at large on retail clients, while asset management will be geared towards institutional investors and Funds. “CISCO’s online trading platform can be accessed from a mobile app and is continuously being developed to match customer needs. CISCO has won the award for the Best International Investment Banking Team (Cyprus) for 2020” highlighted Dr. Chandriotis.

We are the number one broker in the Cyprus Stock Exchange and a top-20 remote member of the Athens Stock Exchange

Dr. Athos Chandriotis, General Manager of CISCO

CISCO Investment Banking is active in providing advisory services for the structuring and securing licensing of funds such as UCITS and Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) as well as licensing of Asset Management companies. Our services include, structuring, preparation of the application package, securing the licensing of the Fund and finding investors if needed.

CISCO has several long-standing clients from Israel on its electronic brokerage platforms and has also acted as a lead manager and Nominated Advisor for companies with Israeli sponsors that have listed their shares on the Emerging Companies Market (ECM) of the Cyprus Stock Exchange. “Israeli clients are very knowledgeable and demanding and this is the reason they come to CISCO.  They know that their needs will be served swiftly, courteously, efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.  “CISCO could become the local trusted partner of Israeli businesspeople and investors who seek to branch out to Europe in a friendly neighborhood environment and assist them to execute their business plans by offering solutions to their financial needs with top-notch customer service team, knowledgeable and experienced to accommodate their requirements” Dr. Chandriotis said.

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