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Handcrafted, English-style, luxury business shoes. This is what defines the Moroccan-based Benson Shoes, an experience that started in 1963 and has since grown to 70 people and has evolved into a major niche business-shoe designer exporting all over the globe. “We are exporting around 85% of our production. We have a strong presence in Japan and Belgium and we have recently started expanding in the rest of Africa” said Mr. Mohamed Benamour, Founder and Managing Director of Benson Shoes.

Benson Shoes – with the motto quality over quantity –  produce 40000 pairs per year making it the ideal footwear for the most demanding customers who appreciate uniqueness and handcrafted quality. “What makes our shoes special is the top quality European leather we use in our production as well as that most parts of the shoe are finished entirely by hand” added Benamour.

Benamour expects business to increase in the near future as people, and especially the younger generation which is more environmentally conscious, prefer to buy less in quantity and more quality products.

The company, while affected by the pandemic, has a solid strategic plan in place for the rest of the year and the immediate future. “Our short-term plan is to adapt to the changes brought by the pandemic and continue in 2021 with more expansion in the US, a demanding market which values quality and style. We are looking for partners to scale up our business there and benefit from the Morocco-US Free Trade Agreement” explained Benamour.