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Based in Nicosia and with offices in London and Athens, Georgiades and Associates LLC is an internationally oriented legal firm specializing in corporate and commercial law. The founder and managing partner Mr. Yiannos Georgiades, has previously worked in London, Washington DC, Chicago, and Philadelphia and has instilled this international mindset to his firm. “We do have some local clients, but the majority of our work comes from overseas. We also work with U.S. companies and consult clients – individuals and companies – with interests in the Cypriot market and the Eastern Mediterranean region” said Georgiades.

The firm serves a wide range of sectors including corporate & commercial law, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property, technology, blockchain, healthcare, energy, environmental law, litigation, and arbitration to name a few. “Our company has acquired important clientele throughout the years and has advised major airline companies and their subsidiaries on Cyprus law, as well as reputable pharmaceutical companies and other major international and US-based companies on intellectual matters and litigation on counterfeit products” he explained. 

Georgiades has recently been involved in the film production industry, as a producer of the up and coming film “Poets Never Die” to be filmed in Cyprus, and has been advising film directors and film companies for the production of films and how to apply for cash rebates etc. in light of the recent attractive incentive for film production in Cyprus, offering up to 35% of eligible expenditures incurred. Additionally, he was connected with the recent production of the 2020 Hollywood film “Jiu-Jitsu” starring Nicholas Cage filmed in Cyprus and the law firm were the sponsors for the Press Conference which took place in the Hilton Hotel.

Georgiades, a resourceful lawyer and entrepreneur, has been elected as the President of the Cyprus Chapter of the European Court of Arbitration and is the co-founder of a start-up accelerator, Kinisis Ventures, which helps Cypriot-based innovative companies to scale up in the U.S. “Kinisis Ventures has been instrumental for me in better understanding the American market and way-of-thinking as well as to develop a strong network of very important contacts” he concluded.